Septic Tanks Services

Septic tanks are common in areas where connection to a main sewer is not possible. They generally consist of a tank which receives foul waste from a property. The waste then decomposes through the action of bacteria within the tank. Solids then settle on the bottom of the tank allowing effluent to flow from the tank into a soak away or drain field.

HJB Services have the knowledge and experience to take you through the process of installation from start to finish, whether it’s the replacement of an existing system or a brand new septic tank system. All building applications and environmental permits are submitted by ourselves according to local guidelines.

HJB Services are able to install a wide range of septic tanks. We undertake projects of all sizes, from systems suitable for a property accommodating four people, up to septic tanks large enough to take waste from two or three properties housing a maximum of 14 people.

HJB Drainage Services

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