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At HJB Services, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions to cater for any drainage problems you may have. Whether you need advice on how a septic tank works, or you're looking for a reliable drain repair service, rely on our skills and experience to guide you through the process.

We understand how disruptive drainage problems can be to your daily routine, so we offer a highly flexible 24 hour service to respond to your drainage issues quickly and efficiently. Rely on HJB Services to take care of all your domestic and commercial drainage needs.

Many people or companies only think about their drains when they become blocked. It can often be very cost effective to have your drains checked and maintained at scheduled intervals. This can keep your drains running free from blockages or potential blockages and ensure your whole drainage system is in excellent working order. HJB Services use the latest equipment including CCTV cameras to decide the best way to ensure you get the maximum benefit when we visit.

Installations & Repair

Often there are several possible approaches to repair or replace a section of defective or damaged pipework. The approach chosen depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the fault, and access to the problem area.

HJB Services carry out drainage installation and repair by traditional methods of excavation to install or replace defective pipework. This includes backfilling and re-instatement of ground surface to its original condition prior to excavation works being undertaken.

Our other method is drain lining, which can be used to repair minor faults in the line of drain where the pipework is still retaining its shape. This type of repair usually needs no excavation work. Firstly, a polyester tube is inserted into the defective drain, the tube is then inflated using air or water and set in place using resins.

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