Water Treatment Services

Asewage treatment plant creates an environment which facilitates the growth of bacteria which breaks down sewage into non-polluting end products. Treatment plants differ from septic tanks as not only does primary treatment take place but also secondary treatment. This requires an electricity supply which is used to artificially introduce air to the treatment plant; it is this oxygen transfer through the sewage which enables the growth of aerobic bacteria which are more effective in the breakdown of sewage than the bacteria present in a septic tank. This results in a cleaner effluent being produced which can (subject to an Environment Agency Consent to Discharge Permit) be discharged directly to a watercourse.

Sewage Treatment Plants

HJB Services can assess your site and advise if a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant would be suitable. We can provide information on a range of different systems and discuss how they operate.

HJB Services can provide maintenance services for any sewage treatment plant or system that we have installed. We aim to provide a high quality installation service and provide on-going services and maintenance of your unit. It is recommended that the sewage treatment plant be serviced once a year and we will be happy to advise on the type of maintenance your unit will require and the cost of this service.

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